Benelux subsidiary finds new home

KSI Benelux B.V., a subsidiary of KSI Filtertechnik from Willich/Germany, has broken new ground and moved into a new, modern and representative quarter in the north of Alkmaar. The improved premises, which can also be used as a showroom and training centre for customer service in the Benelux countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg), are not only an indication of the positive development of the subsidiary in recent years, but also provide support for the further expansion of the business. General Manager Ruud Luijt is happy to be working at a really good address. “The facilities are chic, well located and offer me and our partners the best opportunities,” says Luijt. More information:


New pipe bridges, new base frame, and even higher quality design: The partners of KSI Filtertechnik and especially the service staff of the numerous specialist dealers can be pleased about the upgrade of the heatless regenerated adsorption dryer ATK to ECOTROC ATKN. The relaunch brings some additional practical improvements, which will be clearly noticeable in terms of both installation and maintenance. In the middle of the year, KSI switches to only supplies the further developed ECOTROC ATKN.

The new pipe bridges, among other things, make maintenance easier and thus save time. They considerably simplify the filling and emptying of the desiccant containers and also facilitate the replacement of maintenance parts. 

Important: The dimensions change only slightly due to the product relaunch. The performance levels and prices (!) remain unchanged.

Please find more information attached.

A clever combination: KSI’s PFU Filter Combos

When doing paint work, you need clean compressed air: for operating the paint shop, for the supply of breathing air or for both purposes.  In the practical ECOCLEAN® PFU 3 FILTER COMBO, KSI has brought together the necessary elements of (breathing) air preparation and supply for spray booths:

  • ECOCLEAN® prefilter with automatic condensate drain
  • ECOCLEAN® sub-micro filter
  • ECOCLEAN® activated carbon filters
  • pressure regulator
  • outlet valves with safety couplings
  • wall mounting brackets.

Please find more information about our filter combo, also about the PFU 2-model, in our Product Data Sheet.

Michael Hartel new customer advisor for Southern Germany

It’s an important news for the specialist retailers from Southern Germany: Michael Hartel is the new customer advisor for KSI Filtertechnik in Bayern and Baden-Württemberg.

In the upcoming weeks Hartel (44), who is an long-time experienced salesman of compressed air technology and lives in Dillingen upon Donau, is getting to know his region by visiting his new business partners. Therefore he is accompanied by Heino Haegermann, head of sales department, and his new colleague Markus Meier.

We wish our partners and our new colleague Mr. Hartel a good cooperation and a successful future!

Michael Hartel
Sales agency South (zip codes 70000-98999)
M    +49 1520 6792541
F     +49 2154 89108 282

Petra Rosenberg celebrating 20 years at KSI

For many customers, and especially for the long-time customers, her name has got a very close connection to the KSI: Petra Rosenberg. Managing Director Holger Krebs has now awarded the sales employee for her a 20-year tenure of office.

“Our company exists 22 years now, and Mrs Rosenberg witnessed and shaped the history in a decisive manner for 20 years now”, explains Holger Krebs. “With her long-term experience, and her good relations to our customers, Petra Rosenberg is an integral part of KSI. Thanks alot!”

KSI establishes new “KSI LLC” in Kosovo

Looking forward to a successful cooperation: Holger Krebs (l.) and Bekim Gashi.

The KSI company from Willich, Germany, adds a new milestone to its more than two decades lasting history: Managing director Holger Krebs and his businesspartner Bekim Gashi establish the new KSI LLC in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. In the future, Pristina is the basis for bringing KSI products to the Balkan states such as Kosovo, Serbia, Albania,  Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“We are very happy and proud to take this new, important step”, explains managing director Holger Krebs. “It was really much work to be done for us. Many meetings in Pristina and in Willich, and many arrangements… But suddenly, everything went very fast”, says Krebs.

The new subsidiary KSI LLC in Kosovo is now the next mainstay of the KSI Filtertechnik. Before that, the owner-managed family company from Willich has already established subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, in England and the Netherlands.

KSI assumes sponsorship for horse Pinot Grigio on Gut Aiderbichl

Pinot Grigio

KSI Filtertechnik is now the sponsor of the 19-year-old Hannoverian stallion Pinot Grigio, who is based at Gut Aiderbichl near Salzburg. KSI Managing Director Holger Krebs and his family signed for this during their visit at Gut Aiderbichl, which gave name to several well-known animal courts of grace in German-speaking countries.

“Our entire family is really impressed by the great work that is done there for the animals! This really goes straight to the heart, how they take care of the many animals of different breeds and species”, describes Holger Krebs his impressions.

The history of Pinot Grigio exemplifies so many animals that have found a new home on Gut Aiderbichl. When the Hannoverian was diagnosed with a heart defect, the 1.96 m tall stallion was suddenly no longer suitable for his dressage stall. So his rider, at the same time veterinarian, took care of the accommodation on Gut Aiderbichl. And there the Krebs family became aware of the black horse.

More information:

New photo series shows impressions from the HannoverFair

It was a lot of work to prepare the KSI’s booth at the HannoverFair for the visitors in time. And the result is … awesome 😉

Ready for the HannoverFair 2017

The KSI team is ready for an inspiring and successful week at the HannoverFair. The booth looks awesome, and everything is prepared for our customers, partners and future customers.

Visit us at our booth in Hall 26, stand B59!

KSI prepares for the Hannover Fair

Since a few weeks KSI Filtertechnik is enthusiastically preparing for the coming Hannover Fair from 24th to 28th April. The whole staff and the management look forward excitedly to this important highlight.

In cause of the importance of that fair we already updated all brochures and product data sheets. Please find them in the download section of our website. In addition, we created a new page with special information for your visit at our booth in Hannover. Come to KSI at Comvac 2017!