Markus Meier takes over as head of national sales

At the turn of the year, KSI Filtertechnik has set another new course: With effect from 1 January 2021, Markus Meier has taken over the management of national sales and thus this task from Heino Haegermann. This means that exactly five and a half years after joining the company, Markus Meier has climbed to the next career level.

KSI’s management is extremely pleased that this important position could be filled internally and that the very good and successful cooperation so far is now entering a new chapter. We are also pleased that KSI can continue to count on the proven expertise of Heino Haegermann, who will remain with us in the context of key account management.

2021 will be big. Good. And limitless.

A quick glance at the calendar: It’s December, and everyone is happy when 2021 starts. We are especially happy, because next year will be great, good and limitless for us and with us. You will benefit from this, too. Guaranteed.


More important than ever in 2021 are the people who work with us to achieve great things. Our employees. Our retail partners and service companies. You. We want to protect all of us, so we’ve made a big decision. In 2021, we will not be at the HannoverMesse. Instead, we have big plans – digital and guaranteed in your sense.


The global situation demands that we all focus more on the digital. We think that’s good! And we are doing so with all the more commitment. Corona is one reason for our absence from HMI 2021 – but not the only one. We’ve had our eye on the future for a long time, and the pandemic encourages us to do the right thing. For example, becoming even more efficient. Our products are already leading the way here, and our absence from the trade show additionally saves energy on site. Good for the earth, good for you.


For us, digitization goes hand in hand (literally) with direct contact. We see this as freedom, because we continue to attach great importance to the exchange with you. Currently mainly online – in person as soon as this is possible again without risk. We don’t see limits on the digital path, but opportunities. The new and the familiar intertwine, giving us more time for you.

Holger Krebs, Managing Director of KSI Filtertechnik, has an extra tip for you: “Mark your calendar. In 2021, we have big things in store, and already at the end of Q1, we’ll be launching into a new era.”

What will that be? You’ll find out more details about that soon enough. In any case, we’ll keep you up to date.

This is how partnership works – even in turbulent times

Also unpleasant topics come a good end… – if the parties involved maintain a good partnership and work together to find a solution. This is proven by the reaction of our trade partner F.A. Wobst from Gießen/Germany to a lengthy complaint case, which took up all – us, our trade partner and finally the end customer – excessively.

With a personal letter of thanks, Constanze von Alvensleben, a member of the Wobst management, now drew a line under the matter. “We were very pleased about this, and I personally particularly appreciate this strong support,” wrote Mrs. von Alvensleben. “We are glad (…) to be able to satisfy this important customer and to put the KSI brand in a positive light with the customer again – in which you belong”, wrote Mrs. von Alvensleben in the letter to Michael Pluschkell, the complaints manager of KSI.

“It really was like being jinxed,” commented Michael Pluschkell, but with patience and perseverance, the case has now been closed satisfactorily for everyone. “Thanks again to the Wobst company. We are honestly touched by this feedback!

And that’s exactly why we have now published this case here as an exception, also because complaints are rarely pleasant 😉

KSI ensures performance and delivery capability even in times of Corona epidemic

The current developments regarding the spread of the Corona virus and the consequences that are becoming apparent worldwide bring great uncertainty to us all. Scenarios that seemed unthinkable just a few days ago have long since become reality. We have taken a number of measures to meet these extraordinary challenges while protecting the health and safety of our employees in the best possible way. Immediately, courageously, and responsibly.

The most important thing – in a business sense – first of all: Our ability to perform and deliver is guaranteed. Our stocks are full, the workplaces are occupied and the team is well. So we are still there for you!

One of our measures is that we have now strictly switched to a two-shift system. This allows us to create more distance between our colleagues and reduce the number of people with whom we are in direct contact. At shift changeover, we clean, disinfect, ventilate, … It increases safety and the feeling of security. And has the small side effect that from 1 to 1.30 pm the phones are not manned. But here we count on your understanding.

A further measure is that we have “transferred” some colleagues to the home office – as far as this is possible from the work contents and processes at all. We have also urged our staff to behave in a manner that is appropriate and responsible in their private lives.

We are doing everything in our power to live and work normally, as circumstances dictate, and to ensure the smooth continuation of business relations. We can do this – together!

Stay healthy and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Best regards from “Rainbow Land”

Best regards and a thank you from “Rainbow Land” recently arrived at KSI Filtertechnik. With this, the “Regenbogenland” hospice for children and young people from Düsseldorf expresses its gratitude for the donation which we handed over last Christmas and which has taken the place of smaller gifts to our business partners.

We are pleased about our own decision to have renounced the customer gifts in favour of an important institution. And we are particularly pleased that the donation has found such happy recipients.

KSI at ComVac 2019 – in pictures

The success of a visit to a trade fair depends on the lasting impressions … – so that the impressions from the visit to the KSI Filtertechnik stand stick even better, we have captured the design photographically …

The latest news from the KSI world – now also available for download

At ComVac, KSI will be presenting numerous exciting new products. For those who can’t find their way to Hannover; and for those who would like to see all the interesting facts about us and the fair again: We have put together some of the freshest brochures, flyers and leaflets here.

So read it here … – or see it live at ComVac in Hall 26, Stand B59.

Aaron de Koning new Director of International Sales at KSI

For the expansion and management of the export department, KSI Filtertechnik has engaged the exactly right international industry expert: Aaron de Koning takes over and, together with his team, is to expand KSI’s market position and open up new markets.

Aaron de Koning (36), who will initially manage the export department together with Thomas Peinemann, is a proven compressed air specialist of many years’ standing. After all, he most recently worked for Wika (including pressure measurement technology) and for Jorc (condensate treatment) for ten years.

In addition to his industry experience, Mr. Koning also has a wealth of knowledge of foreign languages. He studied International Business and Languages in the Netherlands and speaks Dutch, German and English as well as Spanish, and his next project is to put Russian on his own curriculum. Mr. de Koning lives with his wife and two children in Roermond.


Benelux subsidiary finds new home

KSI Benelux B.V., a subsidiary of KSI Filtertechnik from Willich/Germany, has broken new ground and moved into a new, modern and representative quarter in the north of Alkmaar. The improved premises, which can also be used as a showroom and training centre for customer service in the Benelux countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg), are not only an indication of the positive development of the subsidiary in recent years, but also provide support for the further expansion of the business. General Manager Ruud Luijt is happy to be working at a really good address. “The facilities are chic, well located and offer me and our partners the best opportunities,” says Luijt. More information:


New pipe bridges, new base frame, and even higher quality design: The partners of KSI Filtertechnik and especially the service staff of the numerous specialist dealers can be pleased about the upgrade of the heatless regenerated adsorption dryer ATK to ECOTROC ATKN. The relaunch brings some additional practical improvements, which will be clearly noticeable in terms of both installation and maintenance. In the middle of the year, KSI switches to only supplies the further developed ECOTROC ATKN.

The new pipe bridges, among other things, make maintenance easier and thus save time. They considerably simplify the filling and emptying of the desiccant containers and also facilitate the replacement of maintenance parts. 

Important: The dimensions change only slightly due to the product relaunch. The performance levels and prices (!) remain unchanged.

Please find more information attached.