„Think global, act local”

The company headquater in Willich is the home of the KSI Filtertechnik since october 2014. It is also a place where we are developing the entire product range, operating the engineering in 3D, creating the drawings for production, building and testing the prototypes, making the final assembly of finished products, carring out the quality tests and documentation. Everything conforms to the EN ISO 9001 standard.

But the KSI is also well positioned internationally. In our own KSI works in the Czech Republic and England we produce important components for our product range. Always with focus on high quality and oriented on a good availability, the finished components are delivered to the final assembly in Willich.

We also made a step ahead in international sales. Over the following subsidiaries we are serving the respective markets in the world:

  • KSI Filtertechnik s.r.o. in the Czech Republic: Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • KSI Benelux BV: Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg markets
  • KSI Technologies UK Ltd.: England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales markets
  • KSI LLC in Kosovo: Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina markets.

One thing remains the same all over the world: KSI sells only via retail partners!

Reliability leads to trust.