As a successful company, it is our duty and pleasure to support people passions and hobbies. Unfortunately every year even less money from taxes are invested in art, culture, sports and social affairs. This is why we have decide to support a sports clubs and events.

Among others, we operate in the field of sponsorship with various youth teams. But in these days money alone won’t help.

Many of our employees, mainly the boys come from the action “JIM” of DJK Teutonia St.Tönis. “JIM” is for youth in center. Here “sponsorship” is about supporting young athletes in their career choices. Advising and helping by school/ job searching or even offering one. Here we are bringing young people from the street into the company and offering them a job with a long-term perspective.

It helps both. The young person who is looking for a school or the workplace, as well as the company, which wants to train motivated and productive employees for the upcoming developments.