N2/O2 Generators

GEN2 Premium and GEO2 Premium

  • a multilingual Touch-Control-Panel, Remote Control via iPad and PC, long-term data storage as standard
  • inlet and outlet filtration equipment as standard, automatic restart in medical applications (GEO2)
  • constant quality control by measuring nitrogen (GEN2) / oxygen (GEO2) purity
  • all measured values are recorded in the user-friendly Touch-Control-Panel and can be exported to any system
  • the effectiveness of the new technology promises savings from the very first minute
  • low-maintenance valve technology and compact design are further benefits in addition to the constant availability of high-purity nitrogen (GEN2) or pure oxygen(GENO2)

GEN2 Comfort and GEO2 Comfort

  • Plug and Play – simple and constant nitrogen (GEN2) / oxygen (GEO2) supply
  • constant measurement of nitrogen (GEN2) / oxygen (GEO2)
  • savings from the very first minute
  • low-maintenance, compact design