The Example: DUOTROC as a Clever Combination of Refrigeration and Adsorption Dryer

The DUOTROC is just one example standing for a variety of possibilities, that can be summarised under the same headline: KSI SYSTEMS. This special case deals with a combination of an ECOTROC® ATK adsorption dryer with an ECOTROC® KTN refrigeration dryer as well as the superior control and measurement technology.

The DUOTROC Advantages:

The temperature sensor sends a signal to to the control, which puts either the adsorption dryer or the refrigeration dryer into operation; it depends on the weather conditions.

The control monitors all functions and provides the relevant data for running the unit. This includes temperature, pressure difference, the dew point as well as information about certain failures or dates for maintenance in the future.

All parts of the DUOTROC are already built-in safely and solidly and mounted on a steel frame. The many components form a solid, connected unit. Ready for „plug & play“.