Standard Filters

Compressed Air Filters with threaded ports

The ECOCLEAN® APF / APE Plus-Effects +++

  • up to 55 % less differential pressure loss
    significantly reduced energy requirements and thus significantly reduced energy costs

  • NEW: high-density deep-bed pleating, made possible by new pleating machines, narrower pleating and new filter medium
    approximately 250% larger filtration surface compared to a conventional pleated element
    about 25% larger filtration surface compared to a conventional deep-bed pleated element

    The significant reduction in flow velocity within the filtration medium makes the APF series the market leader in efficiency and lowest pressure drop.

  • highly efficient polyester drainage layer to improve -performance and reduce differential pressure
    anti-re-entry layer favors coalescence and drainage

  • cathodic dip coating (KTL) of the housing
    prevents corrosion and thus offers optimum protection

  • housings made in aluminum die casting process
    powerful and at the same time very light filter housing
    easy handling during installation and service

  • element optimized in length and diameter
    lowest differential pressures and best filtration and separation at full flow capacity

  • coloured end caps suitable for separation efficiency
  • Connection: ¼” to 3″
  • Capacity: 35 m3/h – 1900 m3/h
  • protects production & processes => extends machine & installation cycle time
  • minimizes operating costs => saves energy
  • maximized operational reliability => protection against production or machine downtime
  • best industrial equipment quality => long lifetime
  • easy serviceability => minimized service costs
  • quick and secure assembly => quick installation
  • user-oriented filtration (25, 5, 1, 0,1 and 0,01 micron as well as activated carbon) => optimum selection
  • activated carbon-, molecular sieve & Hopcalite cadridges => can be combined individually

Please find the Technical Data Sheets at the section Downloads.