Mobile Breathing Air System MAK

Portable light weight with three-stage respiratory air preparation

KSI Filtertechnik has mastered the two central challenges to mobile breathing air systems at KSI ECOCLEAN® MAK. The breathing air is not only provided in the required purity, but also exactly where the user needs it. Even hard-to-reach working environments with adverse conditions are made accessible and the user is safely supplied with breathing air. Cleaning of tank systems, painting work, construction sites, … – no problem with the KSI ECOCLEAN® MAK.

With dimensions of 40 cm × 64,8 mm × 18.6 mm, the MAK 63 is only slightly larger than a piece of air travel baggage for taking on board, and with its weight of 15 kg it is -portable despite its sturdy construction.

Just as important as the compact exterior are the high-quality components installed inside: The core of the system is the three-stage processing unit, consisting of an MFO, an SMA and a CA filter. Water constituents and particles of 1 micron, 0.01 micron and in the CA filter element also oil aerosols down to a residual oil content of < 0.003 mg/m³ are separated in sequence.

Further advantages: Due to the clever arrangement of the APF filter elements in the filter bell of the housing, replacement is quick and inexpensive with KSI manufactured, comparatively inexpensive elements.