Service packages

All of the service packages are of high value down to the last detail, equipped with premium components and simple to handle. Due to the intelligent construction and its level of quality service times can be reduced enormously as compared to other adsorption dryers. This provides an effective advantage in quality and time. Less dismantling during servicing means at the same time a lower risk potential for the operator. Downtimes are minimized, thereby increasing the installation efficiency.

The service packages are divided into 12 and 24 month packages. These are cost-optimized, thereby offering clear advantages. „Everything included“ is our single and unambiguous motto here.

Utilized Desiccants

The desiccant filling or adsorbent are also structured according to adsorbed type for all pressure dew points and all application areas, and are supplied as substitute fillings for all ECOTROC®AT types. KSI exclusively uses desiccants and adsorbents from well-known German manufacturers, for example BASF. The highest-quality materials are in this case also KSI standard, because poor alternatives often do not yield the desired or necessary result. As usual, KSI nonetheless provides here also a good price performance ratio.

Service Parts and Desiccants for Adsorption Dryers from other Manufacturers

KSI also supplies service packages, desiccants and activated carbon for the service of heatless and heat regenerated adsorption dryers from other manufacturers, which match the manufacturers’ specifications,