ATW heat-regenerated

The ECOTROC® ATW-W/S Plus-Effects +++

  • high end plant construction => high performance reserves & reliability
  • linear dew points => for constant compressed air quality
  • intelligent process solution => low energy costs
  • high-performance, long life desiccant => constant, high quality compressed air
  • user friendly design => easy to maintain and service
  • brand name components => simplified maintenance & high operational reliability
  • modular system concept => price efficient
  • optional dew point control => a safety plus and energy saving
  • specialized installations possible, for example stainless steel version or vessel approval according to requirements
  • also suited for safe applications in critical environments
  • intelligent control => process reliability & linear pressure dew point
  • energy cost reduction, e.g. transfer system or loop cooler optionally possible
  • alternative energies are optionally possible (e.g. superheated steam) => energy efficient
  • thermal vessel insulation option available

Please find Technical Data Sheets in the downloads section.