Welcome to KSI Filtertechnik

Dear partners of the KSI,

growing old is usually not too funny … I guess that most of us are not as excited anymore, when the next birthday comes around. But at our company it feels completely different: We all cannot await the next anniversary.
It‘s 20 years of KSI! T-w-e-n-t-y years – that’s awesome! I still remember our early beginnings, standing in a small garage and lling activated carbon in packages on my own. Today we ship thousands of products all around the world.
For sure the success wasn’t served on a silver plate, it is the result of hard work. And the result of our principles of working together. The KSI stands loyal to the specialist retailers. And we will be loyal in the future.

Holger Krebs, MD
Holger Krebs, MD

Our anniversary offers show what loyalty and partnership mean to us. Loyalty is no one-way street at all, we want to involve our partners in our company life and give something back to them. Join in and enjoy!